Hello New Students!

Dear next year’s students that Miss.Garber has,

 My name is Mary. I am going to give you advice about this class. This class is one of the greatest classes you will take through your high school year. Miss.Garber is one of the best teachers! So treat her with respect. One thing that will help you in this class is doing your work and turning it in on time, If you don’t turn in your work on time  your grade will go down. If you miss a lot of days make sure you get your work the day before you know you’re going to be absent or at least know what the class is doing that day.

  Another thing is try to be in class because you always wanna know what you’re going to do that day, I know sometimes you have doctor appointments but try to make them later in the day, That’s what I did. One thing that will help you be successful this year is staying to yourself and not worrying about 70 different things. If you are worrying about things at home, drama, boyfriends/girlfriends, I’m telling you don’t because you won’t be focused and your grades will go down. If you’re in sports keep doing them. If you’re in sports it will help with keeping your grades up. I know It has helped a lot of people keep their grades up and they aren’t focused on the stupid stuff.

 One last thing is DON’T BE ON YOUR PHONE. Your phone isn’t important, there may be things that might be going on your house but I promise you if you’re on your phone it won’t help you get a good education. You won’t pay attention in class and it’ll make you not know what you’re doing and it will make you lose focus. This year will go by fast so just stay focused, be active, stay to yourself, and have a couple of friends that will help you stay in school. I hope you have a great year with Miss.Garber!



                                                                             Mary Smith

Do you have fear?

Fear is something you have

Fear is when you’re on top of the roller coaster

Fear is when you know you might get a bad grade on the test

Fear is sitting by the window of the airplane

Fear is seeing a spider in your closet

Fear is when you feel like you might be a failure

Fear is when the doctor tells you, you need a shot 

Fear is going to a fair and seeing a clown

Fear is getting rejected

Fear is fear  

Apps I use

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Youtube
  • Flickr

For youtube one some videos you have to be 18. A long time ago on some of the apps you have to 18 but now you don’t you can be any age and post whatever you want but make sure it is appropriate.

A Nurse ? WOW!!

A lot of people don’t really know that I wanna be a nurse. Nurse are really important in the world, they help everybody like kids, parents, families, just anybody! I wanna be apart of that, I wanna make people feel better and do whatever they need. If there weren’t nurses in this world people wouldn’t be getting help but there are doctors. Doctors are the ones who prescribe the medicine and stuff like that. Nurses make $33.23 per hour and they get up to $71,000. I would love to be a nurse not just for the money but because I wanna help kids and families get better and show people that I have a caring heart. I would also like to help deliver babies. Babies are a great thing that comes into the world and I would like to help bring them into the world. 4 million babies are born in the united states each year, that’s a lot! I would LOVE to help give birth to the ones that are being born in Ohio. I still got 3 more years of school left but I can’t wait for my future of being a nurse!

My Family

My family is pretty big on my mom side and my dad sides. On my mom’s side I have 2 sister and 2 brothers. My two sisters are Leandra and Layla, Leandra is 18 and Layla is 5. My two brothers are Colton and Jourdan, Colton is 10 and Jourdan would’ve been 13. Then you have me I’m 15 and I am the second oldest. I am also a aunt. My sister had a baby. She is almost 11 months, her name is Payton. She means the world to me and i feel like i need to show her how to be responsibly and respect when she gets older. Me and Layla are both cheerleaders. Colton plays basketball and Leandra use to run track. That’s a little about my mom side. On my dad’s side I have 2 brothers, One is Brodie he is 9 and the other one is Maverick he is 3. Brodie plays baseball and does hip hop and he is in the 2nd grade. Maverick really doesn’t play sports yet but he very energetic and loves to play outside. He isn’t in school but he will be starting preschool soon. I don’t get to see my brothers or dad a lot because my dad is in the army and he moves a lot and he is always working and he lives kind of far, So i get to see them on holidays and stuff. My family may not be very big but we are all very close. This was a little bit about my family.

Women Right’s

Women rights are very important in world. A lot of people think women can’t do what men can do. Women can do anything men can do! In 1848 through 1920 there was a Women’s Rights Movement. July 19-20 there was a big gathering for the women rights, there was about 100 people, two-thirds were women. This grew into a huge thing. Now today it is still a huge thing, but not as big as it use to be.



I did hunger, hunger is a very big cause in a america. The average person needs 2100 kilo-calories per day and if a person doesn’t get that then there body starts to slow down physically and mentally. Children that don’t get that won’t have energy so, they won’t wanna learn or play. Today 1 in 6 people don’t get the food they need.


I am different. People don’t know why I have so many color and pictures. There are many different shapes and lines. When you look at me you can see so many emotions like happy , sad , angry , and love. I have time , dancers , animals , people , numbers , and color. people might not call me art because I just put pictures and color on a campus and told people my story. I put black and white , newspaper , and three cent stamps on a  canvas. There was no time everything just came together and the colors bring out the photo. When people see my art they see the color first and then the photos. When people see me they see small but when they step back they see a big campus with pictures and color , stamps , newspapers , lines , shapes and , paint. I am Small Rebus. I am Robert Rauschenberg. I am art. I am Life.


Robert Rauschenburg ” Small Rebus ” 1956

Outside , City , Beach , Restaurant

images-2Everyday you here sounds where ever you go. If you are out side you here cars , the wind blowing , kids outside playing , and dogs barking. When you’re in the city you hear cars honking , people yelling , car doors opening and shutting , and building doors opening and shutting. When you’re at the beach you hear the waves going back and forth , you hear the birds making noises , people talking , kids playing with the wet sand , and the noise you hear when people are walking in the sand. If you’re in a restaurant you hear plates hitting other plates , people talking , baby’s crying , people coming in and out , and the cashier opening up the register.