A Nurse ? WOW!!

A lot of people don’t really know that I wanna be a nurse. Nurse are really important in the world, they help everybody like kids, parents, families, just anybody! I wanna be apart of that, I wanna make people feel better and do whatever they need. If there weren’t nurses in this world people wouldn’t be getting help but there are doctors. Doctors are the ones who prescribe the medicine and stuff like that. Nurses make $33.23 per hour and they get up to $71,000. I would love to be a nurse not just for the money but because I wanna help kids and families get better and show people that I have a caring heart. I would also like to help deliver babies. Babies are a great thing that comes into the world and I would like to help bring them into the world. 4 million babies are born in the united states each year, that’s a lot! I would LOVE to help give birth to the ones that are being born in Ohio. I still got 3 more years of school left but I can’t wait for my future of being a nurse!

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