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Hey everyone ,

My name is Mary Smith I am in the 9th grade at Franklin Heights High School. I am about to tell you guys a little about myself. I love sports , my favorite sport is cheer. I am a cheerleader at Franklin Heights. I do competition cheer also. I also have 2 sisters one is 17 and the other one is 4. I have 4 brother one is 9 , one is 8 , the other one is 3 , I have a brother who passed away when he was only 4 months he would be 12. My mom and dad are divorced and they are the greatest parents in the world. I am the second oldest outta all of my brothers and sisters. I am very busy this year , I am helping Children’s Hospital I am helping with the kids and the baby’s . I also am signing up for National Honor Society this year so i can get more evolved. My favorite class this year is biology and modern world history. I love the color pink and neon green. I have also been to 11 different states and most of them have been on the east side of the united states. Next year i get to go to Hawaii and i’m so excited about it. Something i love to do on my free time is hang out with my friends or go shopping or hanging out with my cousin. Another thing i love doing is hanging out with my mom. When i get older i wanna be a nurse so i can help baby’s and kids. Also when i get older i wanna be a Cheer coach and i also wanna do photographer in my free time. I love helping people out when i can , i wanna be successful i wanna go to college and be a wife and a mother but i wanna get through high school first. My grades are very important to me and my family.  I love spending time with my family and my friends. This was a little about me.

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